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Paul Chang artist in studio


I come from a small country in South America, called Suriname. It's a tropical country

with rich green lushes and many ethnicities.

When I was a teenager, I won first prize in an art competition. It motivated me to continue

in the artistic direction. I received my education at the Academy of Visual Arts in Tilburg,

The Netherlands. But it was at the Jan van Eyck Academie in Maastricht,

The Netherlands, where I learned the craft of art. I was assigned my own studio where

I painted every day for three years in solitude perfecting the techniques

my late professor Co Sarneel taught me. Off course, it was difficult because

you think you can do it all yourself. It taught me that diligence is rewarding and

that has been with me throughout my whole career.

"It taught me that diligence is rewarding and that has been with me throughout my whole career."


Back in my home country, I started out as an art teacher but pretty soon family

duties compelled me to other business and eventually to the US. Years later, during a visit from my brother, sitting on the porch, the idea to start painting again, grew and I've been dedicated to perfecting my art ever since.

My work has been exhibited in galleries, art shows and museums, in solo exhibitions and group exhibitions as well as commission work for private collections.


Other questions

 style & materials

Always inspired by nature, my approach is abstract rather than photographic.

Just as Nature is a balancing act of gentle beauty and rugged force, I seek out the tension

between soft colors and bold figures in an effort to bring abstract life to the canvas.​

​I've worked in several media such as gouache, watercolor and oil, but finally chose
acrylic on canvas. Over the years, I found that it is the best medium to bring my creation to life. 

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